Hello. My name is Zack Strong. Thank you for taking the time to explore my website. And thank you, most sincerely, for subscribing to my newsletter and putting faith in the perspective I bring to the table. I think you deserve to know a little bit about the man behind the curtain.

I’m a Christian, a husband and father, a dyed-in-the-wool American patriot, a committed anti-communist, and an independent author. I proudly wear the labels so frequently leveled against me – “extremist,” “zealot,” and “fanatic.” I am indeed a fanatic for my Faith, Family, and Freedom. I’m zealous in the cause of Liberty. And I’m an extremist against all enemies to the U.S. Constitution and the God-given rights it safeguards. It was President Calvin Coolidge who said:

“The issues of the world must be met and met squarely. The forces of evil do not disdain preparation, they are always prepared and always preparing . . . The welfare of America, the cause of civilization will forever require the contribution of some part of the life of all our citizens to the natural, the necessary, and the inevitable demand for the defense of the right and the truth. There is no substitute for a militant freedom. The only alternative is submission and slavery” (Calvin Coolidge, The Price of Freedom: Speeches and Addresses, 159).

If we are not prepared, like our forebears, to become militant in the cause of Liberty, we’ve lost touch with what matters in life. As much as some may bury their heads in the sand and pretend that our civilization is not slipping into a brutal high-tech feudalism, I simply can’t wink at the reality and act like “all is well in Zion.” All is NOT well. We’re living through a true red alert situation. I’ve therefore devoted my life to studying organized evil, waking up other good-hearted patriots, and helping all who will listen to prepare to survive the impending world cataclysm and thrive in its aftermath.

I’ve been alert to conspiracy and active in the world of politics and patriotic education for many years. Because of my inner passion to defend Faith, Families, and Freedom, I’ve committed myself to exposing the machinations of the global conspiracy striving to overthrow civilization and institute a one-world government and one-world occult religion. The ideology behind the coordinated thrust for world government is none other than communism. More accurately, we may term it Satanic communism. At age twelve, I had a spiritual awakening wherein I understood that communism was not dead and that the planned world revolution was entering its endgame.

When it was unpopular to do so, I preached against communism, warned that the Soviet Union had staged its “collapse,” and urged people to wake up to the awful reality that communism remained the biggest threat to the United States and humanity at large. For years, people laughed or rolled their eyes. Today, however, the Reds have gained so much ascendancy over us that they feel comfortable ripping off their mask and boasting of their fraudulent power. Now, no honest person laughs when I say that communism is preparing to take down America.

I’m a student of history and, in particular, how conspiracy shapes our world. My daily routine is to pour through books, articles, archives, and stuffy reports, looking for information, knowledge, and truth. While the study of secret societies and shadow government is inherently shady business and sometimes leaves us to make intelligent inferences, there’s much I do know and can say with certainty. And one thing I know is that communism is the ideology and system being foisted upon us by the global Elite.

I have published two books detailing this vile conspiracy: A Century of Red and Red Gadiantons: What the Prophets Have Taught about the Communist Secret Combination that Threatens Mankind. With more than 800 pages of printed material on the subject, you might think I’ve said all I can about communism. I’ve found, however, that I’ve barely said anything at all. There’s so much more to say, so much more to explain, and so much more to document.

Communism’s tentacles touch and taint everything – our economy, government, culture, families, relationships, schools, entertainment, medicine, morals, law enforcement, and government. So intertwined is this cabal in every facet of our lives that the real question of our era – the pressing matter we all must decide – is whether we shall have communism or Freedom. We cannot have both. The communist creed and the Freedom philosophy are irreconcilable and incompatible. They cannot peacefully coexist. Only one can survive. As for me and my house, we choose Freedom at any cost.

At heart, I’m a simple man who loves his God, his family, and his country. I want a bright future for my children – a future free from tyranny and oppression. Growing up in rural towns and villages in states spanning from Idaho to Alaska gave me an appreciation of how serene life can be when government is not lurking around every corner. It is my dream to one day live in a world where I don’t have to constantly think about government, worry if what I’m doing is violating some obscure code or regulation, or fret about some conniving bureaucrat intervening in my life because I hold a politically incorrect ideology.

To supplement my intense study of history, political science, and conspiracy, I have a number of experiences that give me greater perspective and aid in my analysis. For instance, I’ve lived abroad in Russia and Panama and have traveled throughout Europe. I speak Russian, Spanish, and bits and pieces of several other languages, including Chinese, Hebrew, and German. I ran for U.S. Congress in Utah in 2014 under the Independent American Party (IAP) banner and was active on multiple IAP committees for years. I’ve built up a successful following on Facebook and other social media. I created and host the Liberty Wolf podcast on YouTube. And, finally, I operate another website, theamericancitadel.com, where I discourse on a cornucopia of topics from religion to history to current events.

My passion for Freedom and my revulsion towards communism have urged me forward to do, write, and say more on this all-important cultural clash. Two books, dozens of articles, thousands of social media posts, dozens of hours of podcast ranting, and a bid for U.S. Congress, is a good start. But more can be done. Red Alert is my attempt to do “more.”

It is the object of this Red Alert newsletter to share what I’ve learned about the communist conspiracy and to shine the spotlight on its current activities. I envision Red Alert as an educational tool and as a resource for deep study. If I can mentally equip you so that you can help your family safely ride out the Red tsunami flooding over the earth, I will consider this operation a great success. Thank you for joining me on this highly essential truth-seeking journey. Your prayers and support are appreciated. God bless you!

Zack Strong

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